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Get Involved: Housing and Human Services - OAS Trip Escort

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OAS Trip Escort


Duties & Responsibilities
• Reviews, uses and promotes Older Adult Services documents for age-inclusive communication
• Receives the registration list of participants from Program Coordinator and tracks attendance for scheduled day trips.
• Coordinates participant signatures on waivers and returns completed waivers to Program Coordinator.
• Guides participants through the trip location for the duration of the trip.
• Responds to special needs and/or emergencies with participants; documents any accidents or incidents using designated forms and submits completed forms to Program Coordinator.
• Promotes future trips and programs with trip participants.
• Maintains positive, flexible attitude and is welcoming and patient with all participants; reports to Program Coordinator any problematic behavior or circumstances that occur during trip.
• Returns attendance sheets, receipts, name tags, & any reports to Program Coordinator.
• Participates in required trainings.
• Review, use and promote Older Adult Services documents for age-inclusive communication.
• Takes proper safety precautions, utilizes all required safety equipment and follows all safety regulations, policies and procedures. Reports all accidents and damage of city property to Program Coordinator.

Desired Qualifications
• Some experience working with adults 60 years and older.
• Experience working directly with people, with the ability to practice excellent customer service, patience, kindness, and communication.
• Organized and reliable.
• Current City of Boulder resident.
• Access to a mobile phone to use during trips.
• Have or create an email account that can be used to receive pertinent trip information from Program Coordinator.
• Access to a device to print documents.

Time Commitment:

• Escort is asked to commit to at least one (1) year and may be active in the role for up to three (3) years. These term designations may be amended if personal or departmental circumstances dictate otherwise.
• Escort must be available for at least one (1) trip per quarter for which no fees or meals are paid (typically a meet-up style trip).
• Escort at least one (1) trip per quarter (typically 4-8 hours), unless personal or departmental circumstances dictate otherwise.
• Meet with Program Coordinator for briefing before assigned trips, and follow-up communication after the trip (typically 1 hour combined time).
• Attend one (1) in-person meeting per quarter with Program Coordinator and other Escorts. This can be modified for personal or scheduling conflicts, weather or health safety reasons.

Volunteer Benefits:

• Paid entry to some trip events and locations, and/or some meals when pre-payment is possible; generally escorts will pay for their own meals during trips.
• Paid transportation for some trips; escorts will provide their own transportation to designated Meet-up Trips.
• Engaging and socializing with older adult trip participants.
• Satisfaction of donating time helping others maintain vitality in life through social engagement and lifelong learning opportunities.
• Enjoying a wide variety of pre-planned trips and events along the Front Range.
• Inclusion in city-wide annual Volunteer Appreciation Event


• Complete required trainings which include but are not limited to mandatory reporting of adult mistreatment and First Aid/CPR/AED.
• Have and maintain acceptable background information, including criminal conviction history.