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Get Involved: City of Boulder

Scroll down to see volunteer programs accepting applications, organized by department within the City of Boulder and then alphabetical by volunteer role.

Looking to volunteer for a specific department? Check out their pages:


Community service opportunities: Boulder Parks and Recreation along with Open Space and Mountain Parks welcomes community service volunteers. Check out this list for more details. 


Boulder Public Library

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A Research Rendezvous, Volunteer Mentors


National History Day is a competitive academic program that engages over half a million middle and high-school students around the world. Volunteers help middle- and high-school students in researching their National History Day topics. Volunteers work one-on-one with students in 30-minute online or in-person sessions to help them with research topics, identify sources, and execute other parts of their project.

Qualified volunteers must have skills in conducting historical research and be an active or retired librarian,  professional researcher, teacher, faculty member, historian, archivist, museum curator, history undergrad or graduate students, or PhD candidates of history.

If interested, please fill out the application.

Time Commitment:

Minimum of a one-hour online shift on Tuesday, Jan. 18 and/or Wednesday, Jan. 19, 4 – 7:30 p.m. or a two-hour in-person shift on Thursday, Jan. 20, 3:30 -7:00 p.m. Volunteers may do more than these minimums and may volunteer for both the online and the in-person sessions.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Gina Scioscia:, or apply online to become a volunteer.

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BoulderReads Literacy Tutor


Partner with an English language learner for three hours per week to help them advance in their literacy skills. Adult Literacy Tutors must:

  • Be at least 18 years old;
  • Be comfortable reading and writing, speaking and listening in English;
  • Complete the BoulderReads tutor training;
  • Commit to 3 hours of tutoring a week for at least 6 months;
  • Maintain regular contact with learners and BoulderReads staff;
  • Meet learners at library branches or another public locations; and
  • Be proficient with email, basic software and web-based electronic resources.
Time Commitment:

Commit to 3 hours of tutoring a week for at least 6 months.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Karen Bowen:, (303) 441-3192 or apply online to become a volunteer.

Housing and Human Services

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Housing and Human Services Department. Volunteer today!

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COVID Community Support Volunteers


The COVID Recovery Center (CRC) is set up to provide people experiencing homelessness with a place to recover and rest. People experiencing homelessness don’t have places to rest or isolate and, therefore, can’t follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and public health guidelines. The CRC fills this gap. 

COVID CRC volunteers: These volunteers assist at the site, provide food, laundry, direction and general support to clients. All shifts are at the CRC at 3485 Stanford Ct, Boulder, CO 80305.

More information in the volunteer application. Please fill out the application and sign up for shifts.

Time Commitment:

Shifts are 4 hours at the CRC.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Lenora Schlosser:, or apply online to become a volunteer.


Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are needed for pollinator conservation programs in the Planning and Development Services Department. Volunteer today!
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Small Garden, Big Change Mentors


Have a green thumb and experience germinating seeds? We’re looking for gardeners to support self-isolating older adults to grow native plants from seed using a kit provided to the seniors by Small Gardens, Big Change. These seedlings will be collected in the fall and planted by the community to expand pollinator habitat. Not only will you help support the transformation of Boulder into a pollinator haven, you will provide a connection to older adults during this time of uncertainty. All volunteering is done remotely to keep folks safe. Want to help out, but don’t feel like you’re an expert gardener? Don’t worry - horticulturists from Colorado State University and the Butterfly Pavilion will provide guidance throughout the process. 

Learn more about the Small Gardens, Big Change program. This is a pilot program and your experience will help to shape the expansion of this program to provide the plant materials needed to create pollinator pathways throughout the city. 

Time Commitment:

Mentors will check in with their partners for approximately 30 minutes weekly.  Mentors can work with up to ten seniors, depending on their availability.  

Ready to get involved?

Public Works

Become part of an enthusiastic community that shares your passion. Volunteers are critical in all parts of the Public Works Department. Volunteer today!

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You, or the organization you represent, can adopt a specific median, multi-use path, roadway, transit stop or pocket park for a period of one year (with the option to renew annually).

This option allows individuals and groups a volunteer opportunity to contribute to the beautifying of the public domain and overall community well-being. Volunteers can set their own schedule for this work. The City of Boulder will recognize participants for their contributions to keeping public property debris-free and enhancing the city’s overall aesthetics.


  • The desire to support staff by keeping the areas neat and clean
  • Sign a volunteer acknowledgement of Risk and Release and provide signed copies to staff for any additional volunteers that are recruited to assist with clean-up efforts.
  • Sign a adopt a spot volunteer application
  • Review the Volunteer Handbook and provide to participants
  • Attend an orientation training with a member of our staff
  • Be familiar with the safety hazards of this job which are stated in the agreement
  • Be our eyes and ears and report vandalism or any maintenance concerns to Public Works staff
  • Use water-wise plants (preferred)
  • Be courteous and personable when dealing with the public
  • Be self-directed, willing to take initiative, and detail-oriented
  • Report volunteer hours monthly using Count Me In Boulder.
Time Commitment:

Monthly visits to the adopted area (weekly for RTD stops) are required.

Your visit could include a visual inspection of the area up to maintenance on the area that includes any of the following (if applicable):

    • Remove trash, leaves, and debris a minimum of once a month (week for RTD stops).
    • Weed (mechanical or manual means only – no herbicide/pesticide application) a minimum of every two weeks during growing season (April – October).
    • In the fall, pruning any ornamental grasses, pick up and dispose of leaves, and mulch existing mulched areas (city to provide mulch).
    • Edge trim where landscaped areas meet hardscape areas; clearance trim anywhere landscaping is conflicting with pedestrian or vehicle traffic.
    • Report any observable problems with the irrigation system (i.e., leaks, misdirected spray, etc.) or any hazards (such as needles) to Transportation Maintenance 303-441-3200.


Ready to get involved?

Contact Rene Lopez:, (303) 413-7149 or apply online to become a volunteer.

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The City of Boulder is committed to multi-modal transportation, including year-round access to bus transit. The city’s new Shovel-a-Stop Program is an effort to increase the number of bus stops cleared after each snow event. The current budget supports contractors hired by the city to clear approximately 40 high-ridership stops after snowfalls resulting in at least 2-inches of accumulation. This program aims to bolster that number with community volunteer support. Clearing bus stops helps prevent slips and falls and increases safety and accessibility for bus riders of all ages and abilities.

This program is a great opportunity for individuals, families, neighborhood groups or community organizations. 

For more information and to apply to volunteer for this program, please click here

Time Commitment:

The time commitment will depend on the amount of snow that falls this winter, tools participants have available and size of the bus stop adopted. Typically, the annual snow season lasts from October to May. Program participants should plan to clear their adopted bus stop after each snow event with 2-inches of accumulation or more, within 24 hours after snow stops falling (view the NOAA tracker)

Ready to get involved?

Contact Rachel McCoy:, (303) 441-4099 to become a volunteer.