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Get Involved: Parks and Recreation

Become a Park Champ - Give Back to your Park

Help us keep our sites open during Stay at Home and future COVID-19 recovery phases for fitness and mental health and well-being by adopting a park site in our Park Champ Program! Learn more under the Park Champ Heading (second heading below).


If you would like us to contact you to set up a volunteer project for a group of 10 or less volunteers once the Stay at Home order is lifted, please fill out the request form below. 

Request a Volunteer Project for your group!

Request a Boulder Creek Clean Up project for your group!


Natural Lands Outreach Volunteers


The Natural Lands Outreach Volunteer Program is a NEW program this year. Participants in this program can volunteer to host an Outreach table to welcome and educate users at the 55th Trailhead and Coot Lake Trailhead. Or, volunteers can walk the Path that runs from Coot Lake to the North Shores of the Boulder Reservoir and record the use at these Natural Areas. These positions will both inform our management decisions and teach users about this location. 

Interested volunteers must fill out an application to be interviewed for this position. Virtual training will be provided for anyone who is accepted into this volunteer program.

Time Commitment:

Volunteers are required to volunteer for one shift in June and 2 shifts in June, July, August, and September. We are in most need of volunteers between 12 and 3PM on Saturday and Sunday and from 3 to 6PM on Wednesdays. Please let us know if the established shifts do not fit your schedule and we will be happy to create a shift that works for you. 

Ready to get involved?

Contact Cassy Bohnet,, (303) 441-4404 or apply online to become a volunteer.

Park Champ


Do you want to give back to our parks during this difficult time?

Park Champs are volunteers who adopt a park or portion of the park and commit to volunteering on a regular basis at that location. Park Champs are empowered to work independently and on the their own time. The tasks Park Champs complete may include: weeding, trash pick up, debris removal, and graffiti removal.

This program was started to address the needs of Parks and Recreation during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 crisis has caused Boulder’s Parks and Recreation (BPR) Department to cut budgets and reduce staffing levels. We need your help now more than ever to keep our community parks and public spaces safe and beautiful. Park Champs will:

- Help keep our parks maintained, clean, and beautiful

- Support park operations teams through staffing and budget reductions

- Provide Boulder community members a proactive opportunity to make a local impact and spend time outside with a purpose.

Time Commitment:

Park Champs should expect to work 3 or more hours a week at the park from now through October 18, 2020.

Ready to get involved?

Contact Cassy Bohnet,, (303) 441-4404 or apply online to become a volunteer.