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BTAB meeting at Reynolds Profile Photo Volunteer BTAB meeting at Reynolds
  Wed 09/13, Wed 10/11, Wed 12/13, Wed 01/10, Wed 02/14, Wed 03/13, Wed 04/10, Wed 05/08 |   04:30 PM | George Reynolds Library

Attend a BTAB meeting to share ideas and brainstorm about events designed for teens and tweens. Have fun participating in activities with library staff, provide feedback, and have the opportunity to co-facilitate in some events.

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Cubing Collective Assistant Profile Photo Volunteer Cubing Collective Assistant
  Sat 09/16, Sat 10/21, Sat 11/18, Sat 12/16, Sat 01/20, Sat 02/17, Sat 03/16, Sat 04/20, Sat 05/18, Sat 06/15, Sat 07/20 |   01:45 PM | Boulder Main Library

We are thrilled to have The Cubing Collective led by Guinness World Record breaker Evan Blecher! Volunteers that help at this program will learn about thrilling speed-cubing competitions and experience brain-teasing sessions as they work alongside...

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Research Rendezvous Open House 2023 Profile Photo Volunteer Research Rendezvous Open House 2023
  Thu 12/07, Sat 12/09, Thu 01/11, Fri 01/19 |   10:00 AM | Boulder Main Library

National History Day is a competitive academic program that engages over half a million middle and high-school students around the world. Volunteers help middle- and high-school students in researching their National History Day topics. Volunteers...

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Holiday Concert Assistant Profile Photo Volunteer Holiday Concert Assistant
  Saturday, 16 December 2023 |   10:15 AM | Meadows Library

Assist with this special Songs of Joy and Peace winter concert! Volunteers will warmly welcome participants to the event, hand out programs, set up and clean up chairs, maintain flow and count people. Skills or experience required: Ability to l...

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Holiday Make & Take Helper Profile Photo Volunteer Holiday Make & Take Helper
  Sunday, 17 December 2023 |   01:30 PM | Boulder Main Library

For this fun and possibly chaotic program, we will have craft stations for library users to make last minute gifts for themselves or friends and family. We will need assistance at each station to help cleaning, organizing, and interacting with fam...

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