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Ranger Paula's Wild Virtual Adventures: Winter Warriors

 03/08/2021  |  03:30 PM - 04:30 PM
  Virtual location (from home)

Join OSMP naturalist Jenny Natapow on a wild virtual adventure. Not all birds fly South for the winter and not all animals hibernate. Many creatures remain active throughout the season including chickadees, foxes, mountain lions, mule deer, deer mice, and weasels. We will learn about these remarkable beings’ survival strategies and surprising adaptations to endure food scarcity, deep snow, and freezing temperatures. Every program in the Ranger Paula Wild Adventure series focuses on a different exciting topic. Attend two of these programs and kids are well on their way to completing their Ranger Paula Passport and earning a patch for their backpacks. To receive a passport or patch please email and Jenny will mail you one. Registered participants will be sent a link to the virtual meeting space prior to the program start date.

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David Ford
(720) 765-2722

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Jenny N - Education: Naturalist

Jenny is a naturalist, writer, and photographer living in Boulder. The landscape inspires her work and she spends as much time as possible outdoors learning, exploring, and playing. Jenny is passionate about providing her daughter with a childhood steeped in curiosity, exploration, and mud puddles because she knows, from experience, that her own free range childhood is her most valuable asset.