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Get Involved: Housing and Human Services - OAS Bike Group Leader

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OAS Bike Group Leader


Duties & Responsibilities
• Reviews, uses and promotes Older Adult Services documents for age-inclusive communication

Primary Bike Group Leader:
• Works with Program Coordinator to schedule and market the group
• Serves as the contact person for Let’s Age Well Program Guide and Older Adult Services website
• Maintains a current list of group participants
• Works with Program Coordinator and group to update participant registrations
• Provides regular session attendance reports:
o Notifies front desk staff of attendance for groups that meet onsite
• Provides participants with reminders of meeting dates for programs
• Notifies participants of irregular meeting times and/or holiday closures which cancel the activity
• For onsite group meetings:
o Submits set-up needs and requests to Program Coordinator
o Responsible for participant waivers if not accomplished digitally/online.
• Other duties as requested by Program Coordinator

Assistant Bike Group Leader:
• Supports Primary Group Leaders for the duties listed above as requested.
• Can also act as Bike Sweep, ensuring no cyclist is left behind.

Desired Qualifications
• Experience working directly with people, with the ability to model the City’s values of customer service, respect, integrity, innovation, and collaboration.
• Good communication skills and patience
• Practice excellent customer service, patience, kindness, and communication
• Some experience working with adults 60 years and older
• Organized and reliable
• Basic technology skills

Time Commitment:

• Weekly or monthly commitment depending on group schedule: weekly bike ride, time spent each week to plan route and communicate with participants.

Volunteer Benefits:

• Engaging, socializing and learning alongside older adult participants
• Satisfaction of donating time helping others maintain vitality in life through social engagement and continued learning


• Complete required trainings which include but are not limited to mandatory reporting of adult mistreatment and First Aid/CPR/AED.
• Have and maintain acceptable background information, including criminal conviction history.