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Youth Trail Restoration Project

 08/05/2020  |  08:00 AM - 02:00 PM
  Mesa  |  Registration Required

Youth Projects "One-Day" - High School Youth (14-18)

This ALL DAY project is for high school students only (14-18 years old). Join us for a safe, fun, and meaningful opportunity to get outside, make a difference, and meet new people. We are following CDC/WHO guidelines and state of Colorado standards to minimize the spread of COVID-19. PROJECT The Mesa Trail runs from the Chautauqua Meadow in central Boulder south to Eldorado Springs, a total of 13 miles. It is a beautiful, popular and heavily trafficked trail. Volunteers will be restoring tread, cleaning drainage structures, and/or brushing (cutting plants back that are leaning into the trail). This project will be accessing a relatively hard-to-reach section of trail, so enthusiasm for lots of hiking is required. Details (i.e. where to meet) will be sent via email. PROJECT DIFFICULTY - DIFFICULT While the trail is not particularly steep, the area we will be working is far from the trailhead. Volunteers should be comfortable hiking 6 miles with tools in hand and a backpack holding water, snacks, and gear. Tools include shovels, pick mattocks, and buckets. PREPARATION FOR THE DAY **THREE quarts of water or camel packs** **Snacks & required LUNCH for the day** **Work gloves** **Face Covering** **Sunglasses or other eye protection ** --Sturdy boots (No lightweight shoes, or “five-finger” types of shoes.) --Long pants --Hat and sunscreen (most of this trail is VERY exposed and sunny) --Rain jacket --A short or long sleeved T-shirt --Personal first aid kit, if you have one (OSMP will have a group first aid kit) --Backpack to carry personal items --Clothing appropriate for weather conditions IMPORTANT!! ** Due to the Coronavirus and to minimize surface contact, OSMP WILL NOT provide personal protective gear (PPE), including face coverings, extra water or food for this event. You must bring your own. If you have questions or need support getting these items, please contact Natasha at or 303-345-8508. Thank you!

Minimum Participants: 3
Maximum Participants: 6

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Natasha Steinmann
(303) 345-8508
 City of Boulder Volunteer COVID-19 Safety Training

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