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Over 50 Years of Desert Solitaire

 11/30/2023  |  06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
  The OSMP Hub

Your Land

From 1956-57 Edward Abbey worked as a seasonal ranger for the National Park Service at Arches National Park. The experience led to his book “Desert Solitaire,” published 55 years ago. Moab was a cattle town, not the tourist city it is today, and Lake Powell didn’t even exist. What has changed in the realm of land management and with Park Rangers? What prophecies of Abbey’s came true? Join Park Ranger Gustafson for this one-hour slide show/book review on Desert Solitaire, and its parallel lessons to the land we enjoy around Boulder today. No need to read the book, but if you would like to copies are available at local bookstores and libraries.

Maximum Participants: 60

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David Gustafson
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