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Flagstaff Litter Clean Up

 08/21/2021  |  09:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Other OSMP Location  |  Registration Required

One-Day Volunteer projects - All Ages

As you know, we are incorporating CDC/WHO guidelines along with the state of Colorado standards for precaution against the spread of COVID-19. City volunteers will follow the same guidelines as staff regarding facial coverings. See the Citywide Guidelines for COVID-19 recovery pages. If a personal medical exemption exists, the volunteer must contact their staff liaison ahead of time to learn if the volunteer role can be accommodated for non-mask wearing. Staff cannot guarantee that exemptions may exist for volunteers’ roles – this will depend on the project circumstances. Over the past year more visitation has occurred at our trailheads along Flagstaff, and with more use, more litter on our system is occurring. Volunteers will work off trail to pick up litter with trash grabbers (provided by OSMP) on Flagstaff Summit. An OSMP Field Lead, Taylor Gifford, will line out volunteers, provide garbage bags, litter grabbers, information to participants on safety.

Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 20

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Kristin Weinberger
(303) 910-5603

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