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Your Place in the Universe: Total Lunar Eclipse! (Self-Guided)

 05/26/2021  |  03:45 AM - 05:26 AM

On May 26 we will be treated to a total eclipse of the moon. That happens when the shadow of the Earth completely covers the Moon, often lighting it with an eerie reddish glow. A total lunar eclipse can occur only during a full moon, when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon. The red color results from sunlight passing through the Earth’s atmosphere; if the Earth had no atmosphere, totality would appear black or invisible. In Boulder, May’s eclipse will be an early morning event in the western skies. Partial (i.e., umbral – when you’re most likely to start seeing it) eclipse begins at 3:45 AM, MDT on May 26. Totality begins at 5:11 AM, and mid totality is at 5:19 AM. Totality ends at 5:26 AM. Sunrise will be at 5:37 AM, and moonset at 5:43 AM, before the final partial phase is over. (Times are approximate.) So visit to find a spot with a good view towards the West and enjoy May’s lunar spectacle! Register for a reminder in your inbox for this self-guided adventure!

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