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A Firefly Tailgate: DATE CHANGED TO 6/23 Profile Photo

A Firefly Tailgate: DATE CHANGED TO 6/23

 06/23/2024  |  08:00 PM - 09:30 PM
  Sawhill Ponds

Earth & Sky

Antsy for those Fourth of July fireworks? Check out nature’s light show! Take a closer look at fireflies, the unicorns of the insect world, including how they glow, where you can find them, and why lady lightning bugs have earned femme fatale status. Join Naturalist Jessie for a tailgate-style chat on firefly biology in the Sawhill Ponds parking lot, ending with an observation period as darkness falls. Please bring your own seating and dress for mosquitoes.

Minimum Participants: 5
Maximum Participants: 40

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Jessica Ermak
(720) 667-6107

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Jessica E - Education: Naturalist

I began working with OSMP in Spring of 2021 and have since found a niche for myself in the early childhood club. Kids under six and the young at heart seem to appreciate my sense of humor and penchant for all things weird and wacky. You can most often find me at StoryTimes and Nature Play Dates, though I deliver the occasional adult hike, too.