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KIDS: Ranger Paula’s Wild Adventures: The Secret Life of Trees

 02/29/2020  |  10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  Enchanted Mesa

Plants & Wildlife

Join OSMP naturalist Jenny Natapow on a wild adventure where we will listen to trees and peer into their secret lives. Did you know that trees live in a community, just like you and me? They communicate with each other too. Come discover how trees share food, nurse their sick, warn each other of danger and call upon their insect allies for help. Together we will search for the “wise old mother trees,” the forest elders, who recognize their offspring and feed their saplings. Come explore and play in the ponderosa pine forest and identify native trees by sight, touch, smell and taste. Meet at the Enchanted Mesa trailhead near Chautauqua. Every hike in the monthly Ranger Paula Wild Adventure series focuses on a different exciting topic. Attend two of these programs and kids are well on their way to completing their Ranger Paula Passport and earning a patch for their backpacks. To receive your patch, submit a completed passport to the Ranger Cottage and take the Ranger Paula Oath of Stewardship! Please bring water, warm clothes and lunch on the hikes.

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Jenny N - Education: Naturalist

Jenny is a naturalist, writer, and photographer living in Boulder. The landscape inspires her work and she spends as much time as possible outdoors learning, exploring, and playing. Jenny is passionate about providing her daughter with a childhood steeped in curiosity, exploration, and mud puddles because she knows, from experience, that her own free range childhood is her most valuable asset.